6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Despite suffering through a snowstorm on April 1st, it’s finally starting to feel like Spring in Boston, with temps creeping up into the 70s this week.


As everything starts to bloom and people come out from hibernation, April is the perfect time to re-assess your New Year’s Resolutions, rid your life of clutter and negativity, and embrace the things that make you happy.

1. Purge unwanted clothes

When digging out your dresses and tanks from the back of your closet, don’t bother keeping anything you can’t wait to throw on. Consider donating those items that are “so last year” to one of many charities or trading them for cash at your local thrift shop. Then, grab some new styles to jump start the season and give yourself a little confidence boost.

My fave recent purchase from ShopBetches.com

2. Get your finances in order

Out of sheer paranoia, my father ingrained in me the habit of keeping copies of my receipts (you never know!), but somehow they always end up in piles scattered all over my apartment. Now, I make sure to check my credit card and bank statements weekly for any strange charges and keep track of my expenses in an Excel sheet. (I’m living that “paid internship” life, after all.) It helps give me peace of mind and lets me know if and when I can afford to splurge a little.

3. Clean out your car

I’m totally guilty of leaving the occasional empty water bottle or granola bar wrapper in my car, but my boyfriend’s car is a black hole for everything from shoes and sweatshirts to empty food containers and Cape Cod chip crumbs. If you’re anything like him, you’re gonna need to give your car some TLC, like ASAP. Clean out the crap and vacuum it yourself or drop a little cash and get the interior detailed. I promise when you do, you’ll both feel brand new.

4. Spruce up your workspace

Whether you work from home or spend your days in a cubicle, it’s important to have a clutter-free workspace to keep you focused and organized. Since it’s also where you probably spend the better part of your week, spruce it up with bright colors, plants and inspirational messages to distract your brain from that awful fluorescent lighting.

Hey there, little guy!

5. Reconnect with an old friend

Maybe I’m just lame, but the winter weather makes me want to snuggle up on my couch and never leave. Consequently, my social life tends to kinda fall by the wayside. As the weather warms up, however, everything is rejuvenated. Take advantage of that and have coffee with an old co-worker or FaceTime a friend who lives in another part of the country. And while you’re at it, take a leap and make plans with someone new. You never know where your next adventure or inspiration might come from.

6. Make a to-do list

Don’t fill it with mundane things like groceries and bills, but make a list of restaurants you’ve been meaning to try, festivals you want to go to, and weekend getaways you’re dying to take.  Try to check off at least one item each week.

I could go on forever…

How do you gear up for a new season? What’s on your to-do list? Comment below!




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