Smart Girls Accessorize

In an effort to avoid gaining a hundred pounds after gorging myself on all the food I missed while I was abroad, I’ve been watching my calorie intake, exercising regularly and accessorizing with my new favorite gadget.

Ringly designs rings and bracelets that double as activity trackers by counting your steps, distance and calories burned. PLUS they notify you when you receive calls, texts, emails and notifications on your cell phone.

Ringly bracelet

You can customize the settings to assign subtle colored lights and vibration patterns to all your apps and contacts so you know who is calling, even if your phone is in your purse.

I don’t leave the house without mine. In fact, I wear it around the house too. It’s like a FitBit, beeper and fashion statement in one, without being bulky or obvious. And the best part? It charges in an adorable little jewelry box.

Smart jewelry is the future, people. I can’t count the number of compliments I’ve gotten from customers at the café and even a guy running next to me on the treadmill.

Styles come in silver and gold, with different gemstones to choose from. Rings go for around $195, while bracelets range from $245-$260. Check it out for yourself and get $25 off your purchase!

You’re welcome.


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