Back to Reality

It has been three months since I returned from Thailand and man, is it nice to be home! Sometimes I feel like it was all a dream and that I’m finally living in real life again. It’s been crazy looking back at my social media posts and pictures from a year ago. I took so many incredible memories home with me and I’m so grateful for the experience, but I won’t be rushing back out of the country any time soon.


In fact, I’ll be living in Boston with my boyfriend, Michael, beginning February 1st! We signed a lease for an adorable one-bedroom apartment on the Medford/Somerville line near Davis Square. The job hunt is in full force as I’m searching for an entry-level marketing position in the city.

I’m glad to have something exciting to look forward to because coming home didn’t really go the way I expected. When I used to come home from college, all my friends were home visiting too and it was so exciting to see everyone and hear about what they’ve been up to.

After five years, I made my triumphant return to the Seacoast, so proud of myself for how much I’ve grown and all I’ve accomplished, but I wasn’t welcomed with the same enthusiasm and was disappointed to realize that everyone else has moved on with their lives. How dare they.

My friends who stayed local have their own busy schedules to manage and the ones who moved away aren’t coming home for a month-long winter break anymore. After feeling confused and lonely for a week or two, I thought it was time I jumped into my own routine.

I returned to my job as a barista at the surf shop and spent some time traveling the east coast to catch up with friends and family. I spent Christmas and Hanukkah with my parents, siblings, niece and nephews in Maryland, and rang in the New Year with Michael’s college buddies in Baltimore.

I’m not really one for resolutions (although Michael and I are trying to do the Whole30), but I’m definitely excited for what this year has in store for me.

What’s in store for my blog, you might ask, now that I’m done gallivanting around Asia? Probably a plethora of things, from thoughts and reflections to recipes to products I’m loving. I hope you’ll stick with me and keep reading as I tackle the next chapter: adulting.


2 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. Aline Charney Barber

    Looking forward to following you on your next chapter of keeps going never works in mysterious ways so don’t put things off..and you are not. I wish you and Michael well in your new place..He seems like a lovely guy and obviously loves you very much..and vice versa. Some people go thru life never finding love so it’s a blessing and a gift. I miss my family very much..can’t believe I’ve never met Loren or Jordan’s children. Your father is ‘my brother” and we share some amazing memories. Your mother I totally adore and love..and you too. I wish Tatlin had been able to spend more time with “family”..Hoping in the future that will be the case..I’ll be in Australia for the long term, at least as long as Tom is ok..his illness has rocked our world..but we’re not giving up..My life seems to be one of a gypsy’s..who know where the final chapter will play out..but thankgoodness for the internet so I can stay connected to loving family/friends around the world. I have been blessed with an amazing life and family and for that I am greatfull..So goodluck with you job definitely have the travel gene from your father and I..My dad had it..had to keep going, changing..for better or worse!! Any sweet girl love your blog..and so lovely we can stay in touch. Take care..enjoy Boston..and your new adventure in life..xoxox Aline

    a healthy and Happy New Year to you and Michael. I do hope to meet him some day..


    1. Thank you so much Aline! We all miss you and think of you guys often, especially around the holidays. I hope I can come out to Australia to visit sometime. Michael will be in Sydney for a friend’s wedding in July, I’d love for him to connect with you so you can meet him! Hope Tom and Tatlin are doing well. Sending lots of love to you all! xo


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